The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Lunar landscapes, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2018

International Space University, Space Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands, June 2018

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, 3D Printed Architecture Class, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2018


Wavemakers & Student Talks, Space Enabled Thinking, Malaga, Spain, July 2018

Ratio Popular Science Platform, The New Space Age, Sofia, Bulgaria, November 2018



Ingeniøren, Dansk-designede ‘Mælkebøtte-shelters’ til Mars vinder pris, May 2018

Ingeniøren, Utopiske shelters? Danskere vil høste strøm fra støvstorm på Mars, April 2018

Weekendavisen, Rum for mennesker, November 2018

Weekendavisen, To unge danskere tegner rumbaser til Månen og Mars, November 2018


Eleven Magazine, Dandelion Shelter, March 2017

BTV, Architects Discuss how to design for life on the Moon, November 2018

Darik Radio, Ratio conference begins with gravity simulatior

BTV, Architects creates projects for living on other planets, November 2018

Nova TV, Architects wants to build on the moon, November 2018

Skirball Cultural Center, Your Home On Mars, Hosted by Mars City Design, Los Angeles, United States, May 2018

Sofia Event Center, Concepts by SAGA Space Architects, Sofia Bulgaria, November 2018


International Astronautical Congress, Supporting future exploration and activities on the Moon with a scalable power generation and distribution system, with the Lunar Night Survival team at ISU, October 2018

Papers & Conferences

GOMSpace, Space Talks, Open Space Day, Aalborg, Denmark, November 2018