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Co-Founder | Architect



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SAGA is a new design practice working on making space livable for future space travelers by approaching the design of habitats from a human perspective, where mental well-being and social sustainability is part of the life support equation.

What we do
To prepare ourselves for the day when extraterrestrial settlement becomes a reality, we design analogue habitats, architectural experiments, habitat concepts, space visualisations and high-tech earth architecture.

We call our approach to architecture and design Terra-Tech.
Terra meaning ‘earth’ and tech ‘technology’.

It stems from our fundamental belief in technology and its ability to bring us closer to elegant and functional solutions akin to those found in nature.

We use the most advanced tools in our design and construction. Ranging from Topology optimization and generative design to 3D printing and Holographic assembly. However, we retain a deep respect and appreciation for our biological, social and cultural heritage. Technology should enhance our creations not dictate them. We look at nature as much as possible, and nature is often our starting point. Nothing beats the design process of millions of years of evolution

Space habitation and extra-terrestrial living is vital for human development. If we stop exploring we stagnate. We approach exploration from a human perspective, where mental well-being and social sustainability is part of the life-support equation.

Tabula Rasa

We disregard all assumptions of what architecture is and always start with a clean slate.

We strive to extract the most fundamental truths about architecture and conceive them through lean technology. Aiming for complete cultural sustainability, we emphasize materiality, social needs and awesome architecture.

Not only to make humans survive, but to thrive

Space Architecture for planet earth
Imagine landing your rocket on a planet where no human has set foot before. How would we build the first house? Examining the fundamental conditions of a given site and letting go of all assumptions enables us to build visionary and sensitive buildings, perfectly fit for space or the Earth.

We love working with clients who are pushing the boundaries in their field and we are always excited by clients who are passionate, driven and come to us with their highest expectations.